Christian education at St. Andrews

Christian education

Photo of a stainglass image of ChristGrowing deeper in faith requires a deeper understanding of The Bible, as well as understanding the 2000 year history of Christ's Church in the world. Christian faith is often likened to a three-legged stool, in which the legs that support our faith are, Scripture, tradition, and reason.

It's essential for us to build our faith on the firm foundation of Scripture; that is the most important of the three legs. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God written in the words of men. To use Scripture as the foundation for our faith means studying the Bible to better understand what God is telling us.

As Christians, we don't live in isolation, but in communion. This means not only living in communion with other Christians in the world, but also in communion with all Christians who have lived during the past 2,000 years, and in communion with those Christians yet to be born. Therefore, it's important for us to understand the traditions of the church and the faith of those Christians who have gone before us.

At St. Andrew's, we provide many opportunities for you to learn more about Scripture, what it means to be a Christian, and how our Anglican/Episcopal heritage helps us in our spiritual growth.

Bible study on Wednesday evening

Our Bible study program is held in Hunsaker Hall on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Led by our rector, Fr. Craig Reed, each week we discuss a passage of the Bible, looking at its context within the Bible, some of the history surrounding it, and how the text applies to our lives today.

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Sunday morning adult education

The rector leads an adult education class each Sunday. The course is designed to be an exploration of our relationship with God and the study of scripture.

Our Sunday morning classes center on  many topics related to the church, faith, ministry, relationships, and life. Group participation is an important part of our time together.

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Sunday morning youth education

Youth Sunday school is offered each Sunday after church, starting around 10:15am in our Terwilliger Hall building.

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