Altar Guild

Photo of the credence table set by the Altar GuildThe Altar Guild functions as a worshipful, cooperative ministry, praying together, and caring for His church, His vessels and vestments, and congregation to the glory of our Lord.

We prepare, stock, and clean up for all services in the church, the parish hall and St. Mary's Chapel. Four teams serve on a rotating basis. The Altar Guild is responsible for setting up for all services with the proper colors, flowers, supplies and decorations. They also prepare for special services such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, confirmations, installations, bishop's visits, and feast days including Christmas and Easter.

Being a member of the Altar Guild is a ministry for our Lord and providing these services to Him and His congregation is a deep and satisfying privilege. It is only through an invitation from the priest that a person may become a member of the Altar Guild.

Please speak to Fr. Reed if you are interested.